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Phoenix Suns Recognize Velociti Employees

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December 15, 2023
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On December 11th, the Phoenix Suns hosted a partnership appreciation event for Velociti in recognition of their excellent service throughout the year.  They catered a meal, gave out awards, and let our team have a free throw competition with the Sun’s mascot on the court.  We have employees in the arena around the clock cleaning and handling maintenance for everything from live events to concerts, games and their corporate offices.

Scott Fletcher, Senior VP of Global Partnerships for the Suns and Mercury, explained the importance of their partnership with Velociti: “For us, when you look at what is most important to our organization is fan experience…. Velociti has the agility to be able to add games and add events to flip on a dime when needed to make sure that fan experience doesn’t change. I think the employees feel like they are part of our organization. Phoenix Suns and Mercury love our partnership with Velociti.”

Additionally, the Suns honored the Velociti Employee of the Month, Carmen Contreras, during halftime of their game against the Golden State Warriors. Carmen was selected as  Employee of the Month for December 2023 from our Arizona Operations group. Her outstanding service in the area of Quality Control at a number of accounts in the Phoenix and Tucson market helped our team operate at its best for our customers. In her current role as Quality Control representative, Carmen helps provide a high standard of operational needs for clients and associates.