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Velociti Team Members Receive Awards for Legendary Service

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March 21, 2024

Several members of the Velociti family received awards in February for providing legendary service, going above and beyond to provide legendary service for our clients, partners, and the visitors they serve.

In California, Mayra Salvatierra was awarded the Legendary Service Award in special recognition for providing exemplary services that exceeded expectations. Maya found and turned in a wallet that contained $6,000. We are very proud to commend Maya for her honesty and trustworthiness. Our client was extremely impressed, as was the wallet’s owner. This action clearly reflects the exemplary principles and ethics by which Maya clearly lives.

Also in California, HVAC technicians George Llort and Mondy Om provided exemplary services that exceeded expectations when recent heavy rainstorms flooded the terminal.   George and Mondy cleared the site’s drains, despite persistent torrential rains and the personal discomfort they experienced under these conditions.  According to District Manager Frank Haro, they “saved the day around the terminal!”

In Kentucky, Richard Reed provided exceptional cleaning services. Rachel Revels, a Velociti corporate team member, was travelling with her mother and teenage son and stopped at a rest stop under Richard’s care.  According to Rachel’s son, Richard was extremely kind and helpful and the restrooms were in perfect condition.  We are so proud that Richard is a part of our team and represents us so well.

Also in Kentucky, Carmen Cazares-Arredondo was awarded for providing exceptional cleaning services. The office coordinator for our client expressed that Carmen is always polite and helpful as well as devoted to keeping their office space clean.  In the words of the client, Carmen does an “AMAZING job” and “goes above and beyond.” We are proud of Carmen’s work and value her as a member of the Velociti team.

Great job and congratulations to all of our February Award winners. We look forward to your legendary service in the future, as well as that of all our other team members who regularly go the extra mile.