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The Need for Vendor Managed Solutions in Distributed Facilities

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July 08, 2024
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One Partner, One Platform

Vendor Managed Services (VMS) are becoming essential for companies with distributed sites, especially when your facilities are spread across the country. VMS programs offer a way to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. Velociti recognizes the distinct needs of these businesses and has developed a VMS offering designed to address them, alongside our exclusive technology platform to ensure the quality and standards you expect from Velociti.

Vendor Selection

Velociti’s vendor selection process is rigorous and comprehensive. When choosing a vendor for your facility, we focus on key criteria such as:

  • Minority standing
  • Shared values and ethical business practices
  • Technological adaptability
  • Compliance with COI and other regulations
  • A collaborative partnership mentality

Once these vendors are selected, they receive the same onboarding process as direct Velociti team members, as well as ongoing training and access to technology and supplies.

Managed Services

Velociti’s proprietary platform allows for the creation of customized programs that cater to the unique needs of each client. These programs include:

  • Management by client KPIs
  • Transparent monthly reporting, both internal and external
  • Verifiable cleaning processes
  • Clear metrics for corrective actions

By taking advantage of Velociti’s exclusive technology platform, Peazy, we can ensure that your facilities are always in top-notch condition no matter the location.

Solutions for Vendors and Clients

Not only does our VMS program benefit clients, Velociti’s platform also offers a suite of solutions designed to support vendors, including:

  • Dedicated vendor managers
  • A partnership program that helps smaller vendors grow their market share
  • Shared services and training programs
  • Reduced administrative burden for vendors, with no invoicing requirements and system-generated reminders

Velociti works with vendors within our network to open new opportunities for business, as well as opportunities for their networks of vendors as well.

National Reach, Local Response

Velociti’s national reach ensures consistent management coverage across all distributed sites. Through a network of regional managers who understand the local market dynamics, we provide tailored support to vendors and clients alike.

A Partnership Built On Expertise And Trust

Velociti is a part of the Argenbright family, companies with a long history of legendary service: not only to our partners, but to their customers as well. Argenbright has been known for the highest levels of attention to detail across multiple industries for more than 40 years, and with Velociti we’re bringing the same expectations to facilities services. Our team of qualified professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional service, clear communication, and proactive problem-solving.

Contact us today to find out what we mean by the Velociti difference. We’re ready to provide exceptional service and verifiable accountability at all of your locations coast to coast. Velociti is a different kind of facilities services company, and we’re ready to prove it to you.

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